Company Reviews

Clients consistently praise Brenda for her knowledge and teaching ability. They gain confidence in their job search due to the knowledge she imparts and this helps clients turn the corner and get hired in a job that is a great fit for them. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks again, Brenda!!! You are doing great work and really making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.
~ Brad Pace, Employment Counsellor, WorkBC Duncan, BC

Brenda is exceptionally skilled as a Career Development Practitioner. Her wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom in the field was a real asset to (our) program in the start up phase. Brenda's amazing work starting our program continues to resonate into the present.
~ Peter, Manager, Job Futures 55+, YWCA Metro Vancouver, North Vancouver, BC

• Clients are very fond of Brenda. It is very evident from feedback through workshop evaluations that they enjoy and benefit from Brenda's facilitation style and the overall new learning they gain from participation.
• Clients continue to express their gratitude for the learning and support they receive. Her positive energy is infectious and contributes to our clients' increased motivation and increased level of participation.
• You have a genuine desire to support clients by providing the most relevant and current information to support their efforts to achieve their employment goals. Thank you Brenda for your patience, your commitment and enthusiasm and giving your all each and every day. It is refreshing the energy you bring to this office...
~ Cheryl Scardifield, Manager, Sources Employment Services Centre, (Formerly with) WorkBC Cloverdale, Surrey, BC

What I appreciate about you...
• Your eternally positive and optimistic way of approaching work, staff, clients. Lovely smile and always so professional and willing to share knowledge and new info learned.
• Consistency – work ethic, easy going nature, commitment to client learning and your own professional development.
• Expert, fun, happy, knowledgeable, professional, great sense of humour.
• Your exuberance and your zest. You inspire and always have a smile.
• You are cutting edge and a great facilitator.
• Your friendship, knowledge and you’re a rock star!
• The time you take to do research and keep us posted on the newest and latest.
• Your laugh and friendly smile!
• Perfection, efficient.
• Your energy!
• Awesome!
• You’re professional, kind, dedicated and innovative.
• Your excellent facilitation skills, positive attitude and always smiling.
~ The Team (formerly of) Sources Employment Services Centre – WorkBC Cloverdale, Surrey, BC

Brenda is an enthusiastic, creative facilitator who provides an environment that promotes interaction and self-discovery. Brenda is adept at managing group dynamics, engaging each participant so that everyone is included and heard. Her individual coaching has supported clients to re-energize their career planning. I feel charged just working with her.
~ Penny Harrington, Sr. Vocational Counsellor, Hope Bridge Services Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Hope Bridge Services contracts with Brenda to provide a range of employment services. Brenda is very professional in her business practices with a realistic and optimistic approach to contract work. We are fortunate to have her augment our core team. Feedback from Staff and Participants is excellent. Brenda's services are excellent and Hope Bridge Services will continue to contract with her. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
~ Margo O'Hara, Hope Bridge Services, Vancouver, BC

Brenda has appeared on the Career Czar® a number of times and is an exceptional guest who delivers an outstanding show. She is knowledgeable, witty, and sharp and delivers valuable information in an entertaining and thoughtful way. Brenda is always thoroughly prepared and ready to deliver when the show starts. If you have a program and are looking for the crème-de-la-crème of guests then Brenda is who you are looking for.
~ Paul Bruno, Radio Host, Career Czar Internet Radio Show, Las Vegas, NV

I have had the good fortune to work with Brenda at several facilities, including The Learning Curve, Sprott Shaw Community College, and currently The Career Coaching Centre, where Brenda contracts as a Life Coach. Brenda is an energetic and focused presenter who makes the connection with the students. Her perception skills are accurate. She is reliable and timely, and her delivery is consistently top notch. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Brenda.
~ Norma Watt, (Formerly) Project Manager-Director, The Career Coaching Centre, Surrey, BC

Brenda is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable, vivacious public speaker and facilitator. Her presentation was dynamic, thorough and specific to our needs. We intend to engage her services repeatedly in the future. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
~ Richard Linfield, Facilitator/Business Coach/Mentor, Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, Working Beyond - Self-Employment, Mission Community Skills Centre, Mission, BC

The feedback from my participants on Brenda's workshops has been very positive every time that she has presented. I will certainly use her services again and would highly recommend her to others. Thanks for the great work Brenda! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
~ Jeff Huot, (formerly of) Women in Trades Training Program, UFCW Local 247 Training & Education Centre Society, New Westminster, BC

Brenda is an excellent facilitator! Our group had a wide variety of demographics and personal growth experience levels and she helped everyone feel comfortable and ease into the material with light hearted examples and interactive discussions. We would definitely invite her back!
~ Susan McFee, WindSong Cohousing Community, Langley, BC

Brenda is a dynamic, approachable facilitator who made the Personality Dimensions workshop fun, informative and accessible for our youth. The insight they gained will be an important component of their career planning.
~ Alyssa Ono, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Employment Program, Burnaby, BC

Brenda has been available for some of our vacation relief needs. Each time she's been with us, she seamlessly became a 'part of the family' and offered so much. She's even been a part of our staff meetings---very engaged and provided added value to our conversations. I get excited when I know Brenda is returning to our office to help us out. I think she's precious and priceless! Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
~ Marion C. Tansey, Program Manager, MCC Compass, Abbotsford, BC

Brenda has provided us with professional career development services for over 4 years. She is planful, reliable and prepared. When she facilitates for us, the job gets done with enthusiasm! Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
~ Tricia Bowler-Archambault, (Formerly) MCC Employment Essentials, Vancouver, BC

(Brenda) gave an enlightening and entertaining 3 hour presentation on social media for business and job search to both our Self Employment and Employment (program) clients. We were delighted by her knowledge and her vivacious facilitation style!
~ Richard Linfield, Facilitator/Business Coach/Mentor, Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, Working Beyond - Self-Employment, Mission Community Skills Centre, Mission, BC

Over this past year I have gotten to know Brenda and I extremely thankful. While working on a class project I contacted Brenda asking if we could sit down for an informational interview and from that point on she has played a huge role in getting my career started on the right track. She is aware of current trends and knows how to put them into practice. She is a ton of fun and brings that into everything she does. She allows clients to think for themselves, empowering them to move forward on their own. And most of all, Brenda has the ability to make those around her feel that they are part of the team no matter what role they play. I have no hesitation recommending Brenda. She brings so much to the table and will be a valuable asset to any organization she comes in contact with.”
~ Brandon DesBrisay, Career Development Practitioner, YMCA Employment and Immigrant Services, Surrey, BC

Brenda fit herself in with a very difficult client group, and developed and delivered a very good program.
~ Rod Paynter, Various Capacities, Tradeworks Training Society, Vancouver, BC

Thank you Brenda for an excellent day. I look forward to the next workshop that I hope you will present to us.” (Re: Personal Style Indicator workshop for faculty.)
~ Marlene Friesen, Director, Langley College , Langley, BC

Brenda was hired to coordinate a 'Life Skills' training program. She was organized, a phenomenal facilitator, inspiring and practical. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
~ Lani Johnson, (Formerly) Building Opportunities with Business Inner City Society (BOB)

I can't recommend Brenda highly enough - she is such a valuable resource to our weekly Internet radio show - Career Success Radio - She is a constant contributor and now a part of our Expert panel. I would thoroughly recommend Brenda to anyone the world over as an absolute leader in her field.
~ Keith Keller (Career Coach), Internet Radio Presenter & Social Media Job Search Specialist, Career Success Radio, Melbourne, Australia

Brenda is a very professional speaker and author and definitely knows her stuff. I would recommend her to my clients any day.
~ Richard Willems, CEO, Business Circle Network, Burnaby, BC

Was one of the best presentations of this type I have attended... Brenda defined the role of "facilitator". The presentation was informative. Participants shared their experiences and ideas, regardless of employer or trade, contributing greatly to the value of the session. The participants were engaged, purposeful and (a) thoughtful group--the kind every trainer hopes for and a credit to Brenda as a facilitator.
~ Presentation Evaluator (re: workshop "Keys to Effective Leadership"), Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC), Langley, BC

• Re: Facilitation: What a great day! I had lots of positive feedback! A pleasure to work with you again--you're so prepared!
• Re: Brenda's toolbox book “Breathe: How to Keep Your Cool at Work (or anywhere else)" provided in lieu of a handout to all conference participants: Super booklet! Bravo!! Well done! What a great read. I went through it all and picked up a few new pointers! It was to the point, well written, relevant, and perfect for our crew. Lots of info and great reflective questions. With great thanks.
~ Will Watson, Matcon Excavation and Shoring Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Brenda is an excellent facilitator – she not only covers content and is well prepared but she excels at the interaction, drawing from her experiences to illustrate points. Clients respond well to her non-stilted approach. Great client rating. Brenda is welcoming, professional and always “on”. She builds rapport right from the orientation and has a natural ability to reconnect with clients and personalizes the service. Great proactive attitude! Very flexible. A high level of professionalism has always been displayed.
~ Elaine Vermett, (Formerly) Program Coordinator, Community Skills Centre, Abbotsford, BC

Brenda is empathic towards clients and often has innovative and creative solutions that clients can immediately identify with and are able to embrace as their own ideas. (She) not only portrays a strong, positive self-image, but also manages to share the same positive attitude with her clients enabling them to reach their individual goals. Brenda facilitates meaningful and successful learning experiences. Brenda is a confident public speaker and always maintains a professional image. She is highly organized in her coordination of the curriculum and overall program. (She) is exceptionally resourceful in choosing group activities to incorporate learning and fun! Brenda… brings energy and enthusiasm to any work or training situation.
~ Linda Dendoff, (Formerly) Program Coordinator, The Learning Curve, Mission, BC

Brenda not only fulfilled the role of Life Skills Coach, but also those of Office Coordinator and Marketer. An ability to perform at a quality level in each of these roles simultaneously speaks to her energy, organization, communication skills, and enthusiasm as a person. Moreover, as a professional leader, staff felt confident in Brenda’s practical abilities to strategically outline and achieve benchmarks and goals. All the while, our clients regularly appreciated her care, assertive direction, ability to motivate, zest for life and creativity. Lastly, during Brenda’s tenure, her public relations involvement in marketing our program largely contributed to the successful meeting and exceeding of contractual mandates.
~ Wally Nickel, (Formerly) Project Manager, Community Employment Resource Centre, Myert Corps. Inc., Langley, BC

Brenda brings to her job a certain level of energy that clients and staff respond well to. She is an innovative self-starter, who handles pressure well, and will voluntarily go the extra mile to ensure the job is done correctly and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending Brenda...I believe she will exceed your expectations.
~ Stan Bahnman, (Formerly) Program Manager, Youth Employment Zone, Myert Corps Inc., Langley, BC

As a Team Member or a Team Leader, she willingly participated with a gracious spirit. Her enthusiasm is contagious and consistently cultivates a positive attitude.
~ Jerry Raaf, Program Coordinator, Job Search Program, Myert Corps Inc., Abbotsford, BC

Brenda works with tirelessly with energy and enthusiasm. She is one of the rare few who are strong in every aspect of the job. She has a special talent in connecting with her clients and inspiring them to believe in themselves and their ability to make a contribution to the community. I was truly amazed at her clients’ personal transformations. This is even more impressive when you consider that her clients are extremely multi-barriered. Her program has proven so popular and successful that clients are referring their friends to this (mandated) program.
~ Irene Woods, (Formerly) Program Coordinator, Chilliwack Employment Services, Chilliwack, BC

The feedback we received from the clients was totally incredible. Brenda moved mountains many times with difficult clients, and was able to do her job with compassion, empathy and a very professional attitude.
~ Agnes Motz, (Formerly) Program Coordinator, Chilliwack Employment Services, Chilliwack, BC

Brenda’s enthusiasm and motivated approach inspire everyone around. Her smile and encouraging warmth often set the tone for the whole class. She gives full effort to everything she does, focusing intently of the task at hand in the present moment. She is articulate, personable and professional.
~ Irene Woods, (Formerly) Life Skills Coach Instructor, University College of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, BC

She has a natural gift for relating, teaching, and speaking… Brenda has also demonstrated considerable initiative and enthusiasm in all aspects of her professional life. Perhaps the most telling comment I could make is that she “practices what she preaches” in regards to Life Skills. ~ Bruce Wagner, (Formerly), Vocational Counsellor, Pacific Assessment & Referral (PARC) Program, The Salvation Army, Langley, BC