Resumes That Get Responses

Not feeling confident about your job applications? Frustrated from sending out resumes and hearing nothing back? Wondering what you're doing wrong? I can help you before you send out one more resume!  

PACKAGES AVAILABLE - see below; blue section 


Professional Resume Review - DIY editing

•  1-hour collaborative and informative session
>>Expert critique of your draft or current resume, based on a sample job posting (required)
>>Personalized recommendations re: format, content, branding, targeting, and marketability
>>Resources with critical tips for ATS requirements and employer expectations

$107 +GST/HST

Resume Revamp - 
DIY with assistance

• 1-hour Professional Review
• 1-hour Final Review with editing assistance
• 2-page targeted resume (.docx /.PDF)

$214 +GST/HST

Impressive Cover Letters

Don't like writing cover letters because you're not sure what to say that feels genuine? Or do you find yourself repeating your resume content? Or maybe not even sending one at all? Get expert tips to help you to create a cover letter that will impress and get results.

Cover Letter Review - DIY editing

• 1-hour collaborative and informative session: 
>>Expert critique of your cover letter, based on a sample job posting (required)
>>Recommendations re: format, content, branding, targeting, and marketability
>>Resources with the latest strategies to meet employer expectations
• 30-minute Final Review
• 1-page targeted and branded cover letter

$161 +GST/HST

Job Search Strategy Packages

All packages include key information, coaching, activities, and resources

Job Application Package 

4 one-hour sessions
• "Resumes That Get Responses - Strategy Guide"
SESSION 1: Initial Resume Review
• How to pass the 5-second scan
• Styles, formats, branding, and file names
• Building strategic, targeted content
• Customization for every job and company
• How to tailor to different careers
• Document branding
• Resume how-to for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
SESSION 2: Final Resume Review of your edits with feedback, Qs and As, Coach makes final edits
• Completed Resume (2-page max.)
SESSION 3: Initial Cover Letter Review
• About cover letters, how-tos, and strategies
• Follow-up, thank you, and informational interview request emails 
• References document tips
• Document branding
SESSION 4: Final Cover Letter Review of your edits with feedback, Qs and As
• Coach makes final edits
• Completed Cover Letter (1-page, .docx/PDF)

$385 +GST/HST (includes 10% discount!)
(Option: 2 installments when paying through

Interview Preparation Package

An actor wouldn't go on stage without rehearsing and the same applies here. Strategic preparation is key. 

2 one-hour sessions
• Types (including AI), techniques, and expectations
• Interview preparation
• Top Qs and As
• How to answer tough or inappropriate Qs
• Important Qs to ask
• Closing and critical follow-up
• Salary negotiation
Customized Interview practice with feedback

$196 +GST/HST

"Back Door" Strategies Package

Are you looking for jobs only through online job boards? Hoping for the perfect role to appear? Add to the happenstance method by targeting organizations with the right fit, whether they're hiring or not, and before they post jobs. Learn top ways to access the "hidden" job market and accelerate getting hired.

2 one-hour sessions
• Why you need to search beyond job boards
• How to access the "hidden" job market
• Networking strategies
• Job fair best practices (online and in-person)
• Personalized strategies
• Informational interviews
• Branded networking card - DIY tips
• Networking introduction: preparation
• Networking introduction: practice with feedback

$196 +GST/HST

Coaching Sessions

Any topic(s) you choose

Strategy Session


Rush Service

Limited availability 
$54 additional charge